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JUMO differential pressure monitor for air, smoke and flue gas (type 40.4201)


  • Measuring ranges: up to 150mbar
  • Medium temperature: -15...+70 °C
  • Components coming into contact with the pressure medium are made of polycarbonate
  • Protection class: IP 54 IEC 529 (EN 60529), protection insulated
  • EC design test certificate
    as per EC gas appliances directive
  • EC design test certificate
    as per EC pressure equipment directive
  • TüV inspection as pressure monitors of a special
    design as per TRD 604 and
    VdTüV identification sheet Pressure 100/1, as well as
    Class "S" as per EN 1854


Differential pressure monitoring in

  • Fuel technology
  • Ventilation technology
  • Air conditioning technology
  • Filter technology
  • Suitable for air, smoke and flue gas and other non-aggressive gasses
    as a differential pressure monitor
  • Not suitable for technical combustion gasses


The differential pressure monitor of type 4 ADS-82 is suitable to switch a current circuit ON, OFF or change it over, when the actual pressure value changes in relation to the setpoint value.

The setpoint value (switching point) is manually set at a setting dial with scale. When the setpoint value is exceeded or fallen below, the current circuit is switched ON, OFF or is changed over. The differential pressure in the pressure chamber uses a membrane to counteract the force of the adjustment spring applied on the micro-switch.
As over- and underpressure switches, the bottom section and the membrane with intermediate disc form the pressure chamber.
As differential pressure switches, the bottom section and a second membrane with the intermediate disc form the two pressure chambers.

For installation purposes, an additional air conditioning set can be ordered consisting of two hose connections, six self-tapping screws, two extension tubes, one drilling template and one plastic mounting bracket.

Further technical information is available in the download area.