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JUMO MIDAS DP10 - OEM Differential Pressure Transmitter (401050)


  • Measuring ranges: 0 to 400 mbar – 0 to 16 bar differential pressure, silicon sensor with stainless steel separating diaphragm
  • Medium: gaseous, liquid, or low-aggression
  • Version with elastomer seal, optional welding
  • Compact design: as of 78 mm in length
  • Parts in contact with media: PBT plastic, option with full stainless steel
  • Overload pressure up to 30 bar on one side 
  • Tested according to DIN EN 61373 category 1B as well as further relevant railway standards such as DIN EN 50155

Customer benefits

  • Economical
    Type 401050 is the differential pressure model in the JUMO MIDAS pressure transmitter range with sensor technology that has been proven thousands of times over. An almost fully automated production sequence (digital compensation and calibration of the sensor module) and a functional design reduce both the production time and manufacturing costs.
  • Process reliability
    The high quality of every pressure transmitter is ensured by the full final inspection within the completely-automatic measuring and calibration facility.
  • Versatile
    High-quality materials allow for a wide application field. Various output signals, different process connections, and housing materials are available.


  • Filter monitoring
    A typical application is filter monitoring in gases or liquids, which uses the different pressure ratios before and after the filter to ascertain its pollution.
  • Level
    In pressurized boilers, a differential pressure measurement can be used to determine the exact level, irrespective of system pressure fluctuations.
  • Pump control
    The rotational speed of a pump can be adapted to the requirements of capacity and energy consumption via a control system by measuring the pressure ratio before and after the pump.


The pressure transmitter with silicon sensor is used to acquire the differential pressure (0 to 0.4 bar – 0 to 16 bar) in liquid, gaseous, and low-aggressive media.
The differential pressure measuring cell records two pressures. The differential value from these two pressures is converted into an analog two-wire current signal or ratiometric output signal. The piezoresistive silicon sensor is integrated into a stainless steel measuring cell. A plastic case accommodates the stainless steel measuring cell and the electronics.