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JUMO MAERA S25 - Level Probe (401015)


  • Level probe for continuous level measurement in liquids
  • Measuring ranges: 250 mbar to 1 bar (2.5 to 10 mWS)
  • Medium temperature: 0 to 50 °C
  • Piezoresistive silicon sensor
  • Accuracy: 0.3 % MSP (linearity)
  • Sensor technology proven thousands of times over
  • Reverse-polarity protection
  • Suitable for indoor mounting

Customer benefits

  • Economical

The standardized, constructive design and constant optimization of the production process result in an excellent price-performance ratio of the level probe.

  • Process reliable

The core of the level probe is a piezoresistive measuring cell, which features high overload resistance and is particularly safe, reliable, and temperature resistant. Each level probe is tested in a fully automated measuring and calibration facility to ensure consistently high product quality. Maximum security during startup is guaranteed by a reverse polarity protection that protects the measuring device against damages.


Level and level measurement

  • In rainwater cisterns
  • For gray water recycling
  • In heating oil and diesel oil tanks

Product comparison of level probes


The JUMO MAERA S25 level probe is used for the continuous hydrostatic level measurement in liquids. Filling heights between 2.50 and 10 mWS (water column) can be achieved in ventilated tanks.

When the level probe is immersed into a liquid, a liquid column emerges above the probe. The liquid column increases as the probe is immersed deeper into the liquid and creates a hydrostatic pressure on the measuring system by the force of its weight. The measured pressure is transmitted as a standard signal. The signal is linearly proportional to the rising liquid column.

Any variations in air pressure are automatically compensated using a protective hose and the surrounding pressure is therefore taken into account.


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