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JUMO di 308 - Digital Indicator (701550)


  • 96 x 48 mm format
  • Five-digit LCD display with background lighting (2 lines)
  • Digit height 18 mm and 7 mm
  • Up to 2 universal measuring inputs
  • Inputs/outputs have modular extensibility (see data sheet)
  • Voltage supply for two-wire transmitter
  • Modbus interface, PROFIBUS-DP interface
  • 4 display channels
  • 4 limit values are monitored
  • Configurable process display text (max. 24-digit running text)
  • Alarm signal text with color change green/red (also as running text)
  • Min./max. function and hold function
  • Math and logic function
  • Configuration with setup program


Display of temperature, pressure, and other process variables.


The JUMO di 308 indicator displays temperatures in °C or °F and standard signals in "plain text".
The basic device is already equipped with one analog input, two binary inputs, two relay outputs, two logic outputs, as well as a voltage supply for 2-wire transmitters. Three extension slots can be fitted with additional inputs and outputs as well as interfaces. The high-contrast, multicolor LCD display for the measured value display and operator guidance consists of a five-digit seven-segment display (value display or parameter setting), an eight-digit 16-segment display with color change (value display, parameter name, channel name, process/alarm text as max. 24-digit running text or pseudo bar graph), and four relay status indications for the binary outputs.
Four device keys and an optional setup PC program are available for operating and configuring the device (e.g. configuration of the math and logic functions, input of display texts).
The linearizations of the common measuring probes are stored; a customer-specific linearization can be configured with 10 supporting points or by entering the coefficient of the polynomial.
The devices can be integrated into a data network via an interface (RS422/485 or PROFIBUS-DP). The electrical connection occurs at the back using screw terminals.


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GSD-Generator JUMO 144.01.xx/1.xx

Download  144.exe (Free version)  (8.4 MB)

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Setup JUMO di 308 701550

Download  217.exe (30 days Test Version)  (8.0 MB)

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