More than sensors+automation

JUMO Immersion Fittings (202820)


  • Installation of 120 x 12 mm sensors possible
  • For 1 and 3 probes with Pg13.5 connection
  • Chemical resistant
  • Perfect sensor protection
  • Different insertion lengths available


  • Suitable for installation in containers
  • Open conduits/channels
  • Wastewater technology
  • Process technology


Immersion fittings are intended to receive electrochemical sensors (e.g. pH and redox electrodes, glass conductivity measuring cells, compensation thermometers) with Pg 13.5 screw-in thread and 120 mm insertion length.
Fitting types for 1 to 3 sensors are available.
The fittings are installed in open conduits/channels or containers. They protect the installed sensor from breakage and permit measurements in different immersion depths. Options and accessories allow the fittings to be adapted to the operating conditions.
The standard versions come with two pipe clips for wall mounting. Available slide-type flanges allow installation in container lids, etc.