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JUMO ecoTRANS Lf 01/02 Transmitter / Switching Device for Conductivity (202731)


  • For connecting conductance sensors in two-electrode technology
  • Dual-color LED (red/green) to signal operating statuses
  • Galvanically isolated analog output (type JUMO eco-TRANS Lf 01)
  • Relays (type JUMO ecoTRANS Lf 02)
  • Three-way disconnection (input, output, and voltage supply are galvanically isolated from each other)
  • Calibration timer
  • Reference temperature adjustable
  • Teach-In function (switching point definition with Teach-In connector) for JUMO ecoTRANS Lf 02
  • For mounting on DIN rail


  • Water and wastewater technology
  • Reverse osmosis plants
  • Ion exchanger plants
  • Condensate monitoring
  • Cooling water control


The conductivity transmitter JUMO ecoTRANS Lf 01/02 measures the conductivity of liquids in conjunction with conductivity measuring cells.
The devices are designed for applications in the field of general water technology.
The JUMO ecoTRANS Lf 01 has a user programmable analog actual value output.
One of the possible applications of the device is to function as a low-cost universal transmitter.
The JUMO ecoTRANS Lf 02 is equipped with a changeover relay.
With the aid of a Teach-In connector, the JUMO ecoTRANS Lf 02 is capable of independently learning the switching point of the integrated relay.
Typical application areas are plants for fresh water monitoring and water treatment, reverse osmosis plants, ion exchanger plants, condensate monitoring, and cooling water control.
The devices are programmed through the setup connection (notebook/PC) using the setup program:
- Calibration of the cell constant
- Calibration of the temperature coefficient
- Configuration of parameters: measuring range, reference temperature, cell constant, temperature, switching point, continuous output, and others


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