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JUMO tecLine Ci-S - Inductive Conductivity and Temperature Sensor for General Process Technology (202942)


  • Different installation sizes allow for a wide range of applications
  • Materials are FDA/food-use approved
  • Various process connections available
  • A fast-response temperature sensor
  • Different body materials available (depending on requirements)
  • Can be combined with JUMO AQUIS 500 Ci
  • Can be combined with JUMO AQUIS touch S/P


  • Liquid foods
  • CIP/SIP systems
  • Concentration measurements (adding concentrate) of acids, lyes, and cleaning chemicals
  • Other rinsing and cleaning processes


The sensor measures the electrolytic conductivity of a process liquid. The sensor uses the inductive measuring principle. An integrated temperature probe (Pt1000) simultaneously acquires the process temperature. The sensors compiled in this data sheet complement the broad range of inductive JUMO conductivity sensors through generally established variants in different technical versions. The versions are made out of different materials (PVDF or PEEK) and have different sensor geometries. PEEK sensors with process connections /955 and /956 are installed in the process via process adapters (e.g. clamp, SMS, milk cone) using a conical seal system. The extremely small design type allows use in small cross-section pipes. The PVDF versions have a larger sensor body and, optionally, a detached (in a stainless steel sleeve) or an internal temperature probe. The PVDF versions are used when the use of other measuring cell materials is not possible for chemical reasons. All the sensors are made from hygienically safe materials and have proven to be reliable in typical food and beverage industry cleaning processes (e.g. CIP). A wide range of process connections is available to ensure flexibility in plants and to provide spare equipment for older devices. An immersion version also allows use in open tanks and channels. Because the sensor measures inductively, it is practically maintenance-free compared to the conductive measurement method. Deposits and grease/oil films on the surface of the sensor have virtually no effect on measuring accuracy. The JUMO tecLine Ci sensors are designed for connection to the JUMO AQUIS 500 Ci transmitter according to data sheet 202566.

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