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JUMO ecoLine Ci - Inductive Conductivity and Temperature Sensor for General Water Technology (202943)


  • Practically maintenance-free conductivity measurements
  • Materials are FDA/food-use approved
  • Various process connections available
  • A fast-response temperature sensor
  • Compact, proven sensor
  • Immersion version allows use in open channels and containers.
  • Can be combined with JUMO AQUIS 500 Ci


  • Primarily for use in water technology systems
  • General water technology (drinking and wastewater)
  • Air conditioning and cooling systems, dilution monitoring in cooling towers
  • Rinsing baths, car washes, seawater desalination (intake), swimming pool water monitoring


The sensor measures the electrolytic conductivity of a process liquid. The sensor operates according to the inductive principle of measurement. Because it uses the inductive method of measurement rather than the conductive 2-pin or 4-pin measurement method, the sensor is virtually maintenance-free. The measuring accuracy is practically unaffected by deposits and grease/oil film on the surface of the sensor. A (Pt1000) temperature probe measures the process temperature at the same time. The temperature probe can be selected in a stainless steel sleeve (responds very quickly) that is free-standing or housed internally in the plastic body (internal is the only option if the material is PVDF). Internal installation is recommended if the sample media could chemically attack the stainless steel sleeve. The standard sensor body material is polypropylene (PP). PVDF is also available as an alternative material. A wide range of process connections are available to ensure flexibility in systems and to provide spare equipment for older devices. The JUMO ecoLine Ci sensor is designed for connection to the JUMO AQUIS 500 Ci transmitter according to data sheet 202566.