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JUMO BlackLine CR-GT/EC/GS – Conductive Two-Electrode Conductivity Sensor (202922)


  • Inexpensive, compact design type


  • Drinking and surface water monitoring
  • Ion exchangers and reverse osmosis plants
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration construction
  • Horticultural technology
  • Seawater and freshwater aquaristics
  • Lightly-polluted industrial rinse and process water
  • Ultra-pure water monitoring


JUMO BlackLine CR-GT with cell constants K=1.0
A special graphite is used as electrode material for the "GT" version. Measuring ranges of up to 100 mS/cm and more can be achieved by special graphite treatment and in conjunction with suitable evaluation devices. A temperature probe can be integrated as an option. The design type with 120 mm insertion length and a 12 mm shaft diameter permits the combined use of this conductivity sensor with customary pH and redox electrodes in corresponding installation fittings. The probe is also particularly suited for connection to hand-held and laboratory measuring devices. When used as an online sensor, suitable flow fittings must be used (see JUMO data sheet 202810, 202820, 202822).

JUMO BlackLine CR-EC with cell constants K=0.01, K=0.1, and K=1.0
The main features of the "EC" version include the highly-compact design type and an integrated Pt100 per default. With their 40 mm (or 63 mm) insertion length, the sensors can also be screwed into pipelines with small nominal width. For this purpose the conductivity sensors have a thread of G1/2A or 1/2"-14 NPT.
The version with K=1.0 covers a measuring range of 0.1 to approx. 5000 µS/cm (5 mS/cm). Here, titanium pins function as measuring electrodes. The version with K=0.1 is designed as a coaxial measuring cell and can be used up to approx. 1000 µS/cm. Sensors with K=0.01 cover measuring ranges of 0.05 to 20 µS/cm. For this reason, they are highly suitable for use in pure and ultra-pure water treatment. In these sensors, stainless steel 1.4571 is used as electrode material.


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