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JUMO tecLine CR-4P – Conductive Four-Electrode Conductivity Sensor (202930)


  • Fills the gap between conductive and inductive measuring cells
  • Very wide measuring range possible
  • Hygienic design
  • Hygienic process connections
  • Adapters enable easy connection to a large variety of processes
  • Physiologically safe materials
  • Delivery includes quality certificate for cell constant, surface roughness, and FDA approved materials


  • Rinsing processes in these industries: food technology, beverage technology, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology
  • Ion exchange plants
  • Phase separation
  • Bottle cleaning plants
  • Process water monitoring


JUMO tecLine CR-4P conductivity sensors are suitable for the measurement of electrolytic conductivity in aqueous solutions. In contrast to customary two-electrode sensors they offer technical application advantages in the range between medium and high conductance values.
Due to the arrangement of the electrodes, these measuring cells can be used for conductance acquisition in water and drinking water treatment, air conditioning technology (cooling circuits), wastewater treatment (water treatment plants), and in ion exchanger plants.
The measuring cell is designed for connection to the conductivity transmitter JUMO AQUIS 500 CR (data sheet 202565). It can, however, also be connected to devices from other manufacturers, provided the latter are equipped with an input for 4 electrode conductivity sensors.


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