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JUMO Pneumatic Retractable Fitting (202823)


  • Suitable for all standard sensors with insertion length = 225 mm and Pg13.5 screw connection
  • Sturdy version
  • Increases sensor service life
  • Reduces maintenance work
  • Safety lock when sensor is missing
  • Easy installation


  • Rough process conditions (precipitations, heavy pollutants)
  • Water and wastewater engineering
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food technology


Pneumatic retractable fittings are used wherever sensors are exposed to exceptional loads. These can be applications with heavy pollutants or precipitation as well as special process conditions (such as sterilizing capability, hygienic applications, etc.). The regular, automated cleaning of the sensor can significantly increase its service life in problematic medium conditions. The fitting can be adapted to containers or pipeline systems by a flange or relevant flow body. A version with hygienic process connections is available for use in pharmaceutical applications.