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JUMO ecoLine and JUMO BlackLine pH Combination Electrodes (201005)


  • High-quality measurement sensors
  • Great price-performance ratio 
  • Glass/plastic shaft versions
  • Variable insertion lengths
  • Fixed cable connection available as an option


  • Drinking water monitoring and processing
  • Swimming pool technology
  • Aquaristics (also seawater)
  • Greenhouse technology
  • Slightly polluted service, process, and waste water
  • Hand measuring devices


The electrodes of the JUMO ecoLine and JUMO BlackLine series are high-quality measurement sensors which provide a great price-performance ratio.
JUMO ecoLine electrodes are manufactured with the JUMO U glass, which has proven itself for many years. The JUMO BlackLine electrodes are equipped with the low-ohmic JUMO UW glass. This ensures quick and reliable measuring results.
A sturdy platinum cone ensures reliable measuring values for redox measurement.
High viscous, acrylamide-free JUMO gel is used in both the glass and the PEI plastic shaft version. This gel is perfectly suitable for measurement in aqueous media. For high flow rates, the reference electrolyte can be equipped with an optional "salt charging" to increase the service life. A polymerized KCL solid electrolyte is used in the JUMO BlackLine version. The JUMO reference system in cartridge design, which has proven itself for many years, is used in all three versions. This ensures that the electrolyte remains free of silver ions throughout the entire sensor operating life and is less prone to the effects of electrode toxins.
JUMO ecoLine electrodes in the glass version and JUMO BlackLine electrodes are equipped with a ceramic diaphragm. A glass fiber diaphragm is used in the PEI plastic version. 

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