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ISFET pH Combination Electrode (201050)


  • High measuring accuracy, even at low temperatures
  • Good response speed
  • Stable measured values
  • Largely impervious to "dry-running"
  • Break-proof
  • Can be used without fitting


The ISFET pH combination electrode permits precise and stable pH measurement in many industrial fields. The probe operates without glass membrane. Measurement of the pH value is based on ISFET (ion selective field effect transistor) technology.
A semiconductor chip – the ISFET – adopts the function of the glass membrane that is usually found in standard combination electrodes. The measuring chip is embedded in a stable plastic body. This ensures a long operating life in different media.
When in operation, voltage is applied to the measuring chip. The current between the source and drain is determined by the pH sensitive gate. The current can be displayed as a pH value with a transmitter (e.g. with JUMO AQUIS 500 pH) or used for control.

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