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JUMO pH glass electrodes (201081)


  • Measuring of pH range 0...14 (depending on the membrane glass)
  • Can be used for temperatures up to +135 °C (depending on the membrane glass)
  • Shaft material glass (DIN 19263)
  • Other fitting lengths upon request


  • Installation length 120x12mm
  • Push-in head and screw-in head Pg13.5 possible
  • Availibility of various membrane glasses
  • Use in conjunction with reference electrodes


pH glass electrodes are used in conjunction with reference electrodes for pH value recording.
The probe section of the pH glass electrode comprises of a particularly pH sensitive membrane glass. For measurements in different media, electrodes equipped with special membrane glasses are available:

- U glass for general aqueous media
- C glass for fluoride containing media (up to 1000mg HF/l)
- HT glass used for temperatures of >80°C and in high alkaline media


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