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JUMO Technical Buffer / Cleaning Solutions (202950)


pH buffer solution
Technical buffer solutions according to DIN 19267 are used to calibrate (adjust) technical pH measuring devices (sensor, cable, and measuring amplifier). Buffer solutions with various pH values are available – the colored bottle caps allow easy differentiation. The temperature dependency is indicated on a table on the bottle. The typical accuracy is +/-0.02 pH units. The JUMO buffer solutions are traceable to standard reference material from NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). The minimum durability and the batch number are specified on the label.

Redox potential test solution
The redox test solution according to ASTM D 1498 checks technical redox measuring devices (sensor, cable, and transmitter). The output signal of older redox sensors can drift. In this case, the test solution allows the readjustment of the display values in the measuring amplifier. Sensors with different reference electrodes and electrolyte concentrations have the three voltage values to be expected printed on their surface (Pt against Ag/AgCl; Pt against Ag/AgCl in saturated KCl and Pt against calomel). The minimum durability and the batch number are specified on the label.

Reference solution for electrolytic conductivity
The conductivity calibration solutions are used to calibrate (adjust) and check conductive and inductive conductance measuring devices in technical plants. The solutions are traceable to PTB and NIST. They consist of potassium chloride solution in various concentrations. The minimum durability and the batch number are specified on the label.

Auxiliary electrolyte (KCI refill electrolyte)
Throughout their use, pH and redox sensors lose electrolyte via the diaphragm; this is intended and indispensable for their function. Electrodes with liquid reference electrolyte (auxiliary electrolyte) can normally be refilled by the user. For this purpose, a potassium chloride solution (KCl) is required. A KCI solution free of silver ions (without silver chloride (AgCI)) is used for sensors with cartridge control system. Sensors with wire control require KCl solution with AgCl. Both types are available from JUMO. The KCl solution can also be used to store and activate used electrodes. The KCl solution neutralizes and dilutes electrode toxins in the area of the diaphragms and regenerates the pH-sensitive source layer of the pH membrane glass.

Cleaning solutions
Diaphragm cleanser consists of a watery thiourea solution. This cleanser removes silver sulfide of low solubility from the diaphragms of pH, redox, and reference electrodes.
Electrode cleaner consists of a pepsin-hydrochloric acid solution and removes, among others, proteins and calcification from electrochemical sensors.