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Flow-through fittings (202810)


  • Installation of probes 120 x 12 mm possible
  • For 1 and 3 probes with Pg13.5 connection
  • Favorable chemical compatibility
  • Perfect probe protection
  • Various process connections


  • pH, ORP and LF probes 120x12mm can be used
  • Possibility to install a compensation thermometer 201085
  • Ideal for bypass measurements
  • Drinking water treatment, swimming pool technology
  • Process technology


Throughflow fittings serve to accommodate electrochemical measured value transducers (e.g. pH and Redox single-rod electrodes, glass conductivity measuring cells, compensation thermometer, etc.) with Pg13.5 screw-in thread and a fitting length of 120 mm.
Fitting types for 1 to 3 measured value transducers are available.
The fittings are directly installed in conveyor lines for goods to be measured or in the bypass. They protect the installed probes against breakage and their special design ensures a correct flow to the probe to avoid measuring errors.
Various fastening variants and material are available. Other versions and material can be offered on request.