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JUMO Metal/Metal Double Electrodes (201082)


Different active components for the following applications;
- Gold cap: e.g. cyanide decontamination
- Platinum cap: e.g. chromate reduction
- Antimony: to define the pH value in media with a high fluoric acid content
- Double electrodes: amperometric titration


  • Sensors for measuring redox potential
  • In connection with JUMO reference electrodes
  • Various active components available
  • Installation dimensions 120 x 12 mm


Redox single/double electrodes comprise a glass or plastic shaft, to the bottom end of which a metal pin or a metal cap is melted or glued. The redox potential of aqueous media can be determined with metal electrodes in conjunction with a JUMO reference electrode. Metal double electrodes are used to measure the end point in amperometric titration.