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JUMO AQUIS 500 pH - Transmitter/Controller for pH value, Redox Voltage, NH3 (ammonia) Concentration and Temperature (202560)


  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Display visualization is selectable: large digits, bar graph, or trend display
  • Solderless connection technology
  • Calibration options according to measurand one/two/three point calibration
  • Calibration logbook
  • Activatable impedance measurement
  • Asymmetrical and symmetrical connection of ph value sensors
  • Connection option of pH-ISFET sensors through the integrated output
    to the voltage supply of the sensor
  • Selectable languages: English, German, French;
    additional languages can be added via the setup program
  • With setup program: easy-to-use programming,
    plant documentation, download of additional user languages



  • Drinking water monitoring and processing
  • Galvanic
  • Process technology
  • Water and wastewater technology
  • Drinking and well water, boiler supply water
  • Greenhouse technology
  • Swimming pool
  • Fishkeeping (also seawater)


The device is used to measure/control the pH value, the redox voltage, or for NH3 (ammonia) concentration measurement. The function can be changed directly at the device. Depending on the measurand, combination electrodes (e.g. pH/redox combination electrodes, gas-sensitive sensors) or separate versions (glass/metal electrodes with separate reference electrode) can be connected. Temperature measurement is used as the second input value which can be performed with such a device as a Pt100/Pt1000. As a result, the ph value and NH3 measurands enable automatic temperature compensation.
The devices are operated via precise keys and a large LCD graphic display. This display allows clear legibility of the measured value. The parameter display in plain text facilitates configuration and supports the user in correctly programming the device.
The modular device structure allows the device to be adapted to the application requirements. Up to four outputs are available (for functions see block diagram).
Typical application areas:
Universally applicable in the water and wastewater industry, service/process/sewage water, drinking/well/surface water, leakage monitoring in cooling systems.


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Setup JUMO AQUIS 500 (PG202599)

Download  Setup212.exe (30 days Test Version)  (83.0 MB)

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