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JUMO dTRANS CR 02 - Compact Multichannel Transmitter/Controller for Conductivity, TDS, Resistance, Standard Signals, and Temperature (202552)


  • Display visualization options: large digits, bar graph, or trend display
  • Integrated calibration routines: 1, 2, and 3 points
  • Math and logic module
  • Calibration logbook
  • 12 integrated user languages
  • Setup program features easy-to-use programming and system documentation
  • RS422/RS485 interface (option)
  • PROFIBUS-DP interface (option)
  • Data logger with real-time clock (option)
  • Contamination detection can be activated
  • Pulse input for flow display
  • Meets all the requirements for ultra-pure water applications in Pharma+Food USP <645>
  • Suitable for conductive two and four electrode sensors
  • Optional boards can be retrofitted



  • Process water
  • Drinking and well water
  • Pure, ultra-pure, and pharmaceutical water (e.g. according to USP, Ph. Eur., WFI)
  • Cleaning processes in pharmaceutical applications (four-electrode measuring cells in conjunction with measurement range switching)


The JUMO dTRANS CR 02 is a compact, modular device that has the flexibility (through such features as three sockets for optional circuit boards) to accomplish a wide range of tasks. The main input of the JUMO dTRANS CR 02 is for sensors to measure electrolytic conductivity, specific resistance, or the TDS value. Both conductive two-electrode and four-electrode measuring cells can be connected to the device. The second analog input (compensating input) is designed for Pt100 and Pt1000 RTD temperature probes, NTC/PTC, or 0(4) to 20 mA / 0 to 10 V standard signals. The two binary inputs can be used both as the initiators for actions (such as HOLD, key lock) and for flow measurement, when pulse generators (such as paddle wheel sensors) are connected. The high-contrast graphic display allows the input signals to be displayed with digits or as a bar graph (among other options). Displaying parameters in plain text ensures that operation is easily understandable and safe.
The JUMO dTRANS CR 02 can be used as a two-point/three-point controller, a three-point modulating controller, or as a continuous controller. All controller outputs can be configured for P, PI, PD, or PID behavior. Among other things the controller software includes parameter block switching and a math module.
A setup program is available for easy-to-use configuration on a PC. The device can be integrated into a data network by means of an RS422/RS485 or PROFIBUS-DP interface. The electrical connection is made at the back with screw terminals.


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Setup JUMO dTRANS pH/CR/AS 02 (PG202599)

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