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JUMO AQUIS 500 CR - transmitter / controller for conductivity, TDS, resistivity and temperature (202565)


  • Direct changeover to
    • conductivity (μS/cm or mS/cm)
    • resistivity (kΩ x cm or MΩ x cm)
    • TDS measurement (ppm or mg/l)
    • customer-specific table
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Large LC graphics display with background lighting
  • Choice of display: large numbers, bar graph or trend display
  • Calibration options according to measured variable: cell constant and temperature coefficient
  • Calibration logbook
  • Two-electrode cells (as standard) or four-electrode cells can be connected
  • Pollution detection can be activated
  • Auto-range operation
  • IP67 enclosure protection (in surface mountable housing) IP65 enclosure protection (for panel mounting)
  • Language changeover: German, English, French; further languages can be loaded through the setup program
  • Using the setup program: user-friendly programming, plant documentation, additional languages can be loaded


The instrument is used for the conductive measurement/control of electrolytic conductivity, resistivity or the TDS value. In addition, the JUMO AQUIS 500 CR also offers the possibility of showing the measured conductivity according to a customer-specific table. Conductive two-electrode cells as well as  four-electrode cells can be connected to the instrument.
Temperature serves as the second input variable, measured by a Pt100/1000 probe. Depending on the measured variable, it is therefore possible to  implement specific, automatic temperature compensation.
The instrument is operated using keys and a large LC graphics display on which the measurements are clearly legible. The plain-text presentation of the parameters makes it easier for the user to configure the instrument, and also helps in programming it correctly.
Thanks to its modular design, the instrument can be perfectly matched to the particular application requirement.

Typical areas of application
Universally applicable in water and wastewater engineering, service/process water and
wastewater, drinking water and well/surface water, pure and high-purity water as well as for
pharmaceutical water (e.g. as per USP, Ph.Eur., WFI), water quality measurements, TDS
measurements (ppm or mg/l).


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Setup JUMO AQUIS 500 (PG202599)

Download  Setup212.exe (30 days Test Version)  (83.0 MB)

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