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JUMO TDA-300 / TDA-3000 - Handheld thermometer (702540)


  • Input for PT100 , NiCr-Ni "K"
  • Various probe version
  • Data logger up to 9999 measured values
  • Min. / max. value recording
  • Measuring point and user identification
  • LOG data read-out via USB port
  • Battery type AA
  • DKD calibration certificate possible
  • Various probe designs available
  • Adapter for existing RTD temperature probes and thermocouples


  • Temperature measurement in laboratories
  • Temperature measurement in the foodstuff industry
  • Industrial control measurements


The TDA-300 and TDA-3000 are portable digital temperature temperature display devices. They are used in conjunction with precision thermocouples or precision RTD temperature probes for temperature measurement on surfaces, in liquids, in melts and in plastic materials. Replaceable temperature probes allow fast adaptation to the individual measuring task. Both devices have a data logger function. Type TDA-3000 allows the recorded measured data to be read out via an USB port. Visualization does not require a special PC program as the measured data is available in the form of ASCII files in the CSV format (evaluation through table calculation program). The plastic case is impact and break safe as well as resistant to aggressive media.
The measuring devices, temperature probes and the accessories are available ex stock.

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