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JUMO mTRON T - Central Processing Unit (705001)


  • Process mapping for up to 30 input/output modules
  • Ethernet interface with integrated web server
  • 1 USB interface
  • 64 limit values are monitored
  • PLC according to IEC 61131-3 (CODESYS V3.5)
  • OPC server (CODESYS V3.5)
  • 9 program generators
  • 2 field bus interfaces
  • Math and logic module
  • RJ45 system bus connection on front (Bus Out)
  • Plug and Play for input/output module replacement
  • Battery-buffered RAM
  • Real-time clock
  • Robust metal case
  • Supply of operating voltage
  • Quick wiring of operating voltage and system bus provided by simple module connection principle

JUMO mTRON T system overview


The central processing unit is the heart of the plant. It contains the process map of the application and manages the configuration and parameter data of the overall system. Nine program generators and extensive limit value monitoring functions are available for individual control tasks. LEDs indicate voltage supply, the operating status of the PLC, system messages, and communication via interfaces. A USB device interface, a LAN connection (Ethernet), and two system bus connections are available per default.

As an option, up to two interfaces can be used for fieldbus applications. The setup program enables straightforward configuration and parameterization of the central processing unit and the input/output modules that are connected laterally and integrated via a router. The integrated CODESYS V3.5 PLC supplements the parameterizable functions with a high-performance control unit with which even complex applications can be implemented.

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[de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Kostensenkung in der Getränkeindustrie durch hyg... [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Höhere Anlagensicherheit in der Pharmaindustrie ... [de] Anbindung von JUMO-Gerätetechnik an ETHERNET und RS-Schnittstellen [de] Anbindung von JUMO dTRON 300 an JUMO SVS3000 [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Industrielle Wärmebehandlung gemäß AMS 2750 und ... [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: JUMO Funktionen in CODESYS-Applikationen von JUM... [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Modbus (Teil 1): Grundlagen und Beispielkonfigur... [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Modbus (Teil 2): Anbindungen von Modbus-Slaves a... [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: JUMO mTRON T: Verwendung von Programmgebern [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: JUMO mTRON T: Modbus- und Modbus TCP-Master [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: CODESYS: Grundlagen zur Programmerstellung am Be... [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: JUMO mTRON T: Applikation Verfahrenstechnik [de] JUMO mTRON T: Übersicht und Einrichten der Registrierfunktion [de] JUMO mTRON T: Inbetriebnahme eines Einkanalreglers [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Anwendung von JUMO mTRON T: Einrichtung von Fest... [de] Webinar-Aufzeichnung: Erweiterung von JUMO mTRON T-Applikationen mit C...
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[en] Connection of JUMO devices to ETHERNET and RS- interfaces [en] Connection dTRON 300 to SVS3000 [en] Webinar recording: Industrial heat treatment according to AMS 2750E an... [en] Webinar: Industrial heat treatment according to AMS2750 and CQI-9 [en] JUMO mTRON T - Overview and setup of the recording function [en] JUMO mTRON T - Startup of a one-channel controller [en] Webinar: Expansion of JUMO mTRON T applications with CODESYS V3.5 [en] Webinar recording: Applying the JUMO mTRON T: Establishing a fixed-set... [en] Webinar recording: JUMO mTRON T: Using Program Generators [en] Webinar recording: JUMO mTRON T: Modbus- und Modbus TCP-Master [en] Webinar recording: Basics for program generation using the example of ... [en] Webinar recording: JUMO mTRON T: Process Step Application [en] Webinar-recording: JUMO mTRON T – process engineering application [en] Webinar-recording: JUMO functions in CODESYS applications from JUMO mT... [en] Webinar-recording: Modbus (part 1): Basic principles and example confi... [en] Webinar-recording: Modbus (part 2): Connection of Modbus slaves to the...

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JUMO mTRON T 7050.. setup/program editor

Download  230.exe (30 days Test Version)  (236,5 MB)

additional information

CODESYS V3.5 patch 1

Download  Setup_CoDeSysV35Patch1.exe (Free version)  (353,8 MB)

Download  SoftPerfect Network Scanner 64-Bit.exe (Free version)  (353,8 MB)

additional information

CODESYS V3.5 SP3 patch 9

Download  Setup_CODESYSV35SP3Patch9.exe (Free version)  (410,0 MB)

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CODESYS rep.pack - operating panels

Download  705065_3_5_3_10_Eaton.package (Free version)  (85,0 MB)

additional information

GSD file JUMO mTRON T - CPU rev.2.0

Download  7050_V20.gsd (Free version)  (7,9 kB)

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JUMO mTRON T program editor (on mini DVD)

Download  230.exe (30 days Test Version)  (236,5 MB)

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JUMO Device App for Android

Download  352.01.04.apk (Free version)  (2,1 MB)

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JUMO digiLine sensor driver

Download  JUMO (Free version)  (5,0 MB)

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Process engineering application

Download (Full Version)  (16,7 MB)

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CODESYS rep.pack - operating panels

Download  705065_3_5_10_0_Eaton.package (Free version)  (278,2 MB)

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CODESYS Rep.Pack - Operating Panels

Download  705065_3_5_10_50_Exor.package (Free version)  (34,6 MB)

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CODESYS Dev. Desc - Operating Panels

Download (Free version)  (242,3 kB)

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JUMO digiLine Sensortreiber (CODESYS V3.5 SP10)

Download  JUMO (Free version)  (5,2 MB)

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CODESYS V3.5 SP10 Patch 0

Download  Setup_CODESYSV35SP10.exe (Free version)  (890,3 MB)

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