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JUMO mTRON T - Analog Input Module, Four-Channel (705020)


  • Four high-quality universal analog inputs for thermocouple, RTD temperature probe, resistance transmitter, resistance/potentiometer, and standard signals
  • All analog inputs are galvanically isolated from each other
  • Customer-specific linearization (up to 45 value pairs or 4th order polynomial)
  • Limit value monitoring
  • One DC 0/24 V digital input
  • Automatic configuration after module insert replacement (Plug and Play)
  • Connection of inputs on the front
  • Removable terminal strips with Push-In technology
  • Quick wiring of operating voltage and system bus provided by simple module connection principle

JUMO mTRON T system overview


The four-channel analog input module has four universal analog inputs with electrical isolation for thermocouples, RTD temperature probes, resistance transmitters, resistance/potentiometers, or standard signals (current or voltage), and one digital input (DC 0/24 V). The digitized input values/states are available for further processing in the system.

LEDs are used to indicate applied voltage supply, the module operating statuses, and the logical statuses of the digital input.

The user can use a setup program for straightforward configuration of the analog input module.

For service purposes the module insert can be easily pulled out of the case at the front. The case, including the bus board, remains installed on the DIN rail.

Declaration of Conformity / White Paper
eLearning Course (explanation video about the product)

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