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JUMO mTRON T - Multifunction Panel 840 (705060)


  • 21.3 cm (8.4") TFT touchscreen with a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels and 256 colors
  • Predefined screen masks for controller, program generator, and recording function
  • Customer-specific process screens
  • User administration
  • Configuration access to the overall system
  • Recording function (option)
  • Integrated web server
  • Ethernet interface
  • Three USB interfaces
  • Two RJ45 system bus connections (1 × bus In, 1 × bus Out)
  • Two serial interfaces (option) as RS232 or RS422/485 for barcode scanner and Modbus RTU master/slave
  • Robust metal case, IP67 protection on front

JUMO mTRON T system overview


The multifunction panel 840 with TFT touchscreen is used for simple and clear measured data visualization, operation, configuration, and parameterization of the system.

The TFT color monitor has a screen diagonal of 21.3 cm (8.4"), a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels, 256 colors, and LED background lighting.

As an interface between user and machine, the panel allows an optimal and clearly arranged view of the process statuses and parameters of the system. Furthermore, it enables the display and operation of controller screens, process screens, program editor, and the optional recording function. Setpoint values, batch texts, parameters, and configuration data can be entered and changed directly on the screen by the user.

The process data transferred via the system bus is represented in real-time. Tried-and-tested PC programs enable data archiving and evaluation.

In addition to the standard interfaces (LAN, USB), two optional serial interfaces are available to which a barcode scanner, a modem, or a different Modbus device (master, slave) can be connected.

The user can use a setup program for straight-forward configuration of the multifunction panel 840.

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Article number Product description Price of the full version

PCC JUMO Communication-SW 709702

Download  177_178u.exe (30 days Test Version)  (164,9 MB)

additional information

PCA3000 JUMO Evaluation-SW 709701

Download  177_178u.exe (30 days Test Version)  (164,9 MB)

additional information

PCA3000/PCC JUMO SW-package 709701/02

Download  177_178u.exe (30 days Test Version)  (164,9 MB)

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