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JUMO dTRANS T03 - Two-Wire/Three-Wire Transmitter (707030)


  • Designs for B head, J head, or DIN-rail mounting
  • Pt100 (two-wire, three-wire connection)
  • Analog measured value processing
  • Smallest measuring span 25 kelvin
  • Output two-wire (4 to 20 mA) or three-wire (0 to 10 V)
  • Adjustable/configurable version
  • Measuring circuit monitoring NAMUR NE 43
  • Fine adjustment/configuration via setup program


The transmitters intended for industrial applications detect the temperature with a Pt100 RTD temperature probe with two-wire or three-wire connection (Pt1000 linearization upon request). The output signal 4 to 20 mA is available as temperature-linear. The continuous analog signal path allows for extremely quick output reaction times in the event of a temperature change (analog permanent measurement instead of digital sampling rate).
This results in a low-noise output signal that is immune to interference. Maximum precision is ensured by range-specific amplification – even in small measuring ranges. The digital communication allows the transmitters to be adapted to the measuring task (measuring range, probe break, and fine adjustment).
Two device versions that meet the requirements are available:

  • Devices equipped with the basic type extension 880/990 (adjustable). The transmitters are adjusted to a fixed measuring range, but they can be adjusted to a different measuring range at anytime via the PC setup program in conjunction with a sensor simulation.
  • Devices equipped with the basic type extension 881/991 (configurable). The desired measuring range is configured with the PC setup program without sensor simulation or measurement.

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Setup-Programm dTRANS T03

Download  194.exe (Full Version)  (15,7 MB)

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