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Platinum-Glass Temperature Sensors According to DIN EN 60751, Design Type PG/PGL (906021) *** Discontinued Product!


  • For temperatures from -200 to +400 °C
  • Standardized nominal values and tolerances
  • As single or double temperature sensor
  • Suitable for measurements in high ambient humidity
  • Directly applicable to many liquids
  • Good vibration resistance


  • Preferred fields of application frequently include analytic and laboratory engineering as well as air conditioning technology and industrial humidity measurement technology.


JUMO platinum glass temperature probes in PG design are particularly sturdy due to their design. Their operating temperature range is from -200 to +400 °C.
These sensors are characterized by their excellent vibration resistance features. The connection wires led out also have a very high tensile strength. A further advantage of this design is its suitability for measurements in high ambient humidity or directly in fluids due to the hermetical sealing of the temperature probe measurement coil and excellent chemical resistance of the glass.
Therefore, the protection tubes associated with and required by other design types are no longer required, resulting in shorter response times.
Numerous platinum glass temperature probes with single or double measuring coil and standardized nominal values according to DIN EN 60751 are available from stock at JUMO.