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Platinum Ceramic Temperature Sensors According to DIN EN 60751, PK Design Type (906022)


  • For temperatures between -200 to +800 °C
  • Standardized nominal values and tolerances
  • As single or double temperature sensor
  • Extended temperature measuring range
  • High heat shock resistance
  • Excellent temperature fluctuation stability


Platinum ceramic temperature sensors use a ceramic tube as the basis for their cases, which contain either two or four wire coils. Platinum ceramic temperature sensors in PK design type are characterized by the widest temperature measuring range of all platinum temperature sensors. However, they are most commonly used for measuring higher temperatures or in the area of analytical and laboratory engineering. Version "H" temperature sensors are used for operating temperatures ranging from -200 to +600 °C and version "U" temperature sensors for operating temperatures from -200 to +800 °C.

To a high degree, the special internal structure of these wire coil temperature sensors prevents permanent resistance value changes, which can occur in other design types resulting from stress caused by severe temperature fluctuations or sudden changes in temperature.

JUMO offers a wide range of different versions held in stock. You can choose from various sizes, temperature measuring ranges and tolerance classes as well as the number of measurement coils. Only the nominal value is generally limited to 100 ohm for platinum ceramic temperature probes due to its special inner structure.