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Platinum-Chip Temperature Sensors of SMD Design Type on Epoxy PCB According to DIN EN 60751, PCSE / PCSM Design Type (906122)


  • For temperatures from -20 to +150 °C
  • Standardized nominal values and tolerances
  • Pt100, Pt500, and Pt1000
  • Pre-finished measuring insert
  • Automated processing available
  • Price benefit of SMD temperature sensors


Platinum-chip temperature sensors of PCSE design type are pre-finished measuring inserts. An equipped platinum SMD temperature sensor, which records the temperature as an active component, is located on an epoxy PCB.
The PCSE design type considerably simplifies subsequent production of various probe variants with connection cable. The pre-finished measuring insert with SMD temperature sensor can be directly inserted into a protection fitting once a connecting cable has been soldered to it. The PCB largely protects the temperature sensor against damage. This design excludes the risk of jamming the temperature sensor or bending or short-circuiting connection wires.
Another advantage is the fact that a possible tensile load cannot be directly transmitted to the SMD temperature sensor through the connecting cable. The narrow conductor paths between the connection contact and the temperature sensor additionally minimize measuring errors caused by heat dissipation. In addition, the mentioned measuring inserts offer the possibility of automated downstream processing, which results in reduced production costs.
Platinum chip temperature probes of the PCSE design are available directly ex stock as Pt100, Pt500, and Pt1000 measuring inserts.