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Platinum-Chip Temperature Sensors with Terminal Clamps According to DIN EN 60751, PCKL Design Type (906123)


  • For temperatures from -30 to +105 °C
  • Standardized nominal values and tolerances
  • With nominal values 100 and 1000 Ω
  • Stable terminal clamps
  • With additional protective coating


  • Platinum-chip temperature sensors in PCKL design type are especially suited for various probes in the "heating, air conditioning, ventilation" industries; the open temperature sensor may also be located inside the air flow.


Platinum-chip temperature sensors in PCKL design type are based on the same manufacturing process as standard thin-film sensors of PCA design type; however, they have rigid terminal clamps for the electrical connections. High resistance to bending stands out as a particular advantage. The rectangular cross section of the terminal clamps also helps to ensure the high directional stability of the temperature sensor when assembled.
To protect against condensation and external influences, the complete temperature sensor including the soldered joint is covered with an additional protective epoxy coat.
All the positive properties of the platinum temperature sensors, such as standardized nominal values according to DIN EN 60751, high long-term stability and good reproducibility of the electrical features are, of course, also found in this design type, thereby allowing universal usability and exchangeability. Application temperature is from -30 to +105 °C.