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Platinum-Chip Temperature Sensors in a Cylindrical Style According to DIN EN 60751, PCR type (906124)


  • For temperatures from -70 to +300 °C
  • Standardized nominal values and tolerances
  • With the nominal values 100, 500, and 1000 Ω
  • Good adaptation to protection tubes/fittings
  • High mechanical strength


  • These sensors are frequently used in analytical and medical technical device engineering as well as in mechanical and plant engineering.


The production of these platinum sensors in a cylindrical style is based on the use of platinum-chip temperature sensors inserted into a ceramic sleeve. The sensors also therefore belong to the category of temperature sensors manufactured using thin-film technology.
JUMO temperature sensors in their cylindrical style represent a low-cost alternative to the coiled design. The temperature sensors feature a particularly narrow diameter tolerance which notably facilitates subsequent production (e.g. in device engineering). Moreover, the cylindrical style of the temperature sensor provides good thermal contact with the protection tubes.
PCR type temperature sensors offer a higher load resistance compared to bare platinum-chip temperature sensors, which makes them especially suitable for gluing or embedding in various cast materials.