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Surface-Mounted Single Thermostats, ATH Series (603021)


  • Sturdy case (protection type IP54)
  • Microswitch
  • Self-monitoring (STB/STW) in the event of a pressure drop
  • Safety switch-off (STB/STW) at -20 °C

Versions according to DIN EN 14597

  • Temperature controller (TR)
  • Temperature monitor (TW)
  • Temperature limiter (TB)
  • Safety temperature monitor (STW)
  • Safety temperature limiter (STB)

Customer benefits

The implementation options for the ATH in the most varied industries makes it a universally applicable thermostat.

A large number of stock articles guarantee short-term delivery.


Control and monitoring of thermal processes. For example:

  • For heat conducting systems
  • In the apparatus and mechanical engineering industry
  • In furnace construction
  • In the heating and air conditioning technology industry


Thermostats control and monitor thermal processes. The devices of the ATH series
are available as temperature controllers TR, temperature monitors TW, safety
temperature monitors STW (STB), and safety temperature limiters STB. When
malfunctions occur the STB places the plant being monitored to a safe operating status.

Surface-mounted thermostats operate according to the liquid expansion principle –
a microswitch is used as an electrical switching element.