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JUMO IMAGO F3000 - Process Control for the Meat Processing Industry (700101)


  • 315 × 171 and 171 × 315 mm formats
  • 5" color graphic display and LED display with height of 12 mm
  • 8 universal measuring inputs
  • Two-state/three-state continuous controller, three-step controller, continuous controller
  • 4 control channels
  • F value, C value, delta T, core temperature
  • Inputs/outputs can be expanded in a modular structure
  • 99 programs with real-time clock
  • Math and logic function
  • Recording function
  • Modbus interface, PROFIBUS-DP interface
  • Self-optimization
  • Plug and Play memory
  • Configurable via keypad or setup program


Control and regulation of maturing, cooking, smoking, and air conditioning systems in the meat processing industry.


The modular process control is suitable for controlling and regulating cooking, smoking, and air conditioning systems as well as all associated devices such as smoke generators, catalysts, etc. It is available in portrait and landscape format.
The device has a 5" color display with 27 colors. The user interface masks can be designed and adapted according to individual requirements. For this purpose it is possible to place texts, process values, background images, and icons wherever the user wishes to do so. A status line shows the last alarm. In addition, LED displays are integrated to allow the most important process variables to be read even from a great distance. Special functions can be assigned to individual keys which can be labeled according to one's choice.
The device saves up to 99 programs including names and 99 sections each.
In 99 process steps all processes required in the system are defined and only need to be invoked when entering the program. A Plug and Play memory is available as an option. This stores all data contained in the device, thereby allowing easy hardware exchange without data loss. The "Teleservice" software allows configuration settings to be made via modem and the telephone network so that an on-site service assignment is not necessary.
A communication interface with Modbus or PROFIBUS-DP allows integration into a network.

Operating Manual
eLearning Course (explanation video about the product)

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program editor JUMO F3000 700101

Download  152.exe (Demo Version)  (6.6 MB)

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Setup/programmeditor F3000 700101

Download  152.exe (Demo Version)  (6.6 MB)

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Setup/program editor,teleservice F3000 700101

Download  152.exe (Demo Version)  (6.6 MB)

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PCA3000/PCC JUMO SW-package 709701/02

Download  177_178u.exe (30 days Test Version)  (164.9 MB)

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GSD-Generator JUMO 144.01.xx/1.xx

Download  144.exe (Free version)  (8.4 MB)

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