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Weld-In Thermowell (909710)


  • For thermocouples and RTD temperature sensors
  • Thermometers can be replaced without emptying the system
  • Thermowells made of different materials
  • Operating pressure up to 450 bar (6500 PSI)
  • For operating temperatures up to 500 °C / 930 ˚F
  • Available with inspection certificate 3.1B


Weld-in thermowells are used for installing thermocouples and RTD temperature sensors if replacement without emptying the system and/or pressure resistance is required.
Pressure resistance is temperature dependent and is specified in every position in the data sheet. The actual maximum sealable pressure over the screw thread depends on the mounting conditions and may be lower. The pressure information does not include a safety factor to allow for additional load capacity resulting from velocity.
Calculations of compressive strength depending on flow, temperature, and medium are available as a service.

Acceptance certificate:
3.1B, please specify when ordering if required.

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