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Compensating Cables / Thermal Cables (909735)


  • According to DIN IEC 584 and DIN 43714
  • Versions from -50 to +350 °C
  • Casing made from silicone, PVC, or glass fiber
  • For single or double elements


  • Used as signal cable for electrical connection to thermocouples


For temperature measurement using thermocouples, the temperature of the cold junction must be measured in addition to the thermoelectric voltage. The cold junction temperature is detected at the connection terminals of the evaluation electronics. As there is no requirement for this temperature to be identical to the temperature in the terminal head, the thermocouple must be extended using a compensating cable (thermocouple type B does not require a compensating cable).
Compensating cables have the same thermoelectric properties as the thermocouples up to 200 °C.

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