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JUMO eTRON M100 - Electronic Cooling Controller (701061)


  • 76 × 36 mm format
  • Three-digit back-lit LCD display with special characters
  • 2 measuring inputs for RTD temperature probes (PT100, PT1000, KTY)
  • 1 binary input
  • 2 × 16 A relays (changeover contact) and 1 × 8 A relays (normally open contact)
  • Alarm indication via buzzer or 8 A relay (normally open contact)
  • Cooling mode with electrical or hot gas defrosting process
  • Counters for operating hours and service
  • Real-time clock, data logger, and RS485 interface
  • HACCP-conform data recording of the measuring inputs and switching statuses
  • Fulfills the requirements according to DIN EN 12830 and DIN EN 13485
  • Setup program to configure the device and evaluate the data logger


  • Display refrigerators, refrigerated counters, cold stores, refrigerators
  • Simple control of temperatures 


The JUMO eTRON M100 is an electronic cooling controller for application in cold stores, display refrigerators, or refrigerating counter to be connected to RTD temperature probes Pt100, Pt1000, KTY1X-6, or KTY2X-6. The first measuring input is used to detect the cold store temperature. The second measuring input detects the temperature of the evaporator and terminates the defrosting process as soon as the defrosting limit value is reached. The measured values and parameters are displayed on a three-digit display with lit background. Three relays for cooling unit, defrost heater, and ventilator are available. Alarms can be generated as an option via a relay or an integrated buzzer. The relay switching statuses are indicated by LEDs. A data logger with adjustable recording interval for HACCP-conform documentation, a RS 485 interface, and a real-time clock are further options. The electrical connection is made via screw terminals. The device is operated and parameterized via 4 keys. A setup program and a PC-interface are available as accessories for easy parameterization on the PC and evaluation of the data logger.


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Setup JUMO eTRON M100 701061

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