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JUMO safetyM STB/STW - Safety temperature limiter and safety temperature monitor according to DIN EN 14597 (701150)


  • Can be configured as safety temperature limiter (STB) or safety temperature monitor (STW)
  • 1oo2D architecture
  • Approvals for DIN EN 14597, SIL, PL (Performance Level), UL
  • Two relay outputs can be used as pre-alarm or limit value alarm
  • Pre-alarm absolute or adjustable as a margin from the limit value
  • LCD display with background lighting and plain text display
  • Setup program for configuration and archiving via USB interface
  • Wide voltage supply range from 110 to 240 V +10 %/-15 % or ACDC 20 to 30 V
  • Internal and external unlocking possible


Monitoring and limiting of temperature, pressure, and other process variables - e.g.:

  • Fuse protection for burner control
  • Monitoring of heating elements
  • Protection for heat transfer oil systems
  • Protection of boiler plants
  • Level monitoring


The safety temperature limiter (STB) and safety temperature monitor (STW) enable early and reliable detection of risks which could potentially result in personal injuries, environmental damage, or destruction of the production plant and production materials.
Its primary task is to reliably monitor thermal processes and to switch plants to a safe operating status in the event of malfunctions.
The measured value at the analog input can be recorded by various probes or standard signals. Limit value exceedance is indicated by the installed LED K1 and K2 (red) for each channel and the integrated alarm relay output switches the plant to safe operating status (alarm range).
The device concept meets the stringent requirements of DIN EN 61508 and DIN EN 13849. The 1oo2D structure ensures reliable detection of faults, meaning that the device concept can also be used for applications subject to the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Protective, regulation, and control devices
Safety temperature monitor (STW)
Protective temperature monitor with automatic reset for heat-generating plants. An automatic reset occurs upon activation after the probe temperature has risen or fallen above/below the set limit value by the amount of the switching differential.
(Modes of operation 2B, 2K, and 2P)

Safety temperature limiter (STB)
Protective temperature limiter for heat-generating plants that can only be reset manually or with a tool.
(Functions 2B, 2J, 2 V, 2K, 2P and adjustable with special tool)

VDMA 66413 characteristic value libraries

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Setup JUMO STB/STW 701150/55

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