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JUMO safetyM TB/TW08 Temperature Limiter and Temperature Monitor According to DIN EN 14597


  • 48 × 96 mm format
  • Configurable as temperature limiter (TB) or temperature monitor (TW)
  • Approval according to DIN EN 14597
  • 17 linearizations can be set
  • Input 2 × Pt100 for differential measurement
  • Digital input filter with configurable filter time constant
  • Pre-alarm absolute or adjustable as a margin from the limit value
  • Setup program for configuration and archiving via PC
  • Internal and external unlocking possible
  • Protection type on the front IP 65
  • DIN CERTCO tested device
  • Registration number: TB/TW1219


  • Safety protection for burner control
  • Monitoring of heating elements
  • Protection for heat carrier oil systems
  • Protection for boiler systems


The JUMO TB/TW 08 is a freely programmable temperature limitation device. The measuring input is freely configurable for RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, and current/voltage signals.

TB and TW monitor thermal processes in plants for a set limit value. If this value is exceeded, the installed relay (with fuse cut-out) switches the system to an operational safe operating status. The green OK LED turns off and the red K1 LED turns on. If the system reaches the valid range again then the "Reset" key must be pressed on the temperature limiter (TB). The temperature monitor (TW), on the other hand, automatically resets without external influence. For an adjustable temperature the KV relay can generate a pre-alarm signal prior to reaching the limit value, the switching status of which is additionally indicated by the KV LED.

TB and TW 08 are designed for panel mounting and are wired via plug-in screw terminals with a conductor cross-section of max. 2.5 mm2. A PC setup program is available as an accessory. This program can be used to set and save the probe type, measuring range, output behavior, and inhibits.

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