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JUMO Wtrans T - RTD Temperature Probe with Wireless Data Transmission (902930)


  • For stationary and mobile measurements
  • Measuring ranges: -30 to +260 °C or -200 to +600 °C
  • Radio frequency: 868.4 MHz or 915 MHz
  • Also available with ATEX approval
  • Open air range up to 300 m
  • Wiring expenses are eliminated with modern wireless technology
  • Fail-safe transmission with telegram coding
  • Battery status monitoring
  • Configurable with easy-to-use PC setup program
  • Optionally available in combination: analog output, serial interface, and relay contact with associated mounting rail receiver
  • Configurable transmission interval (1 to 3600 s)
  • Configurable transmitter detection
  • Customer-specific linearization (40 value pairs or 4th order polynomial)
  • OnlineChart function for recording of measured values directly on the PC

Customer benefits

  • Wiring expenses are eliminated with modern wireless technology
  • Fail-safe transmission with telegram coding


The Wtrans transmitter is used in connection with a Wtrans receiver for stationary or mobile detection of temperatures within the operating range of -30 to +260 °C or -200 to +600 °C. This measured temperature value is transmitted wirelessly to the receiver of the Wtrans measuring system; here it is displayed and available digitally at the RS485 interface as well as an analog output. One receiver variant can signal various alarms on two relay outputs.
The transmission electronics of the RTD temperature probe are placed in the case so that they are vibration-proof; the case is oil-resistant and acid-proof. The ambient temperature of the case may either be from -30 to +85 °C or -25 to +125 °C. The protection type is IP67. A durable lithium battery with 3.6 V is used for voltage supply.
The radio frequencies of the Wtrans measuring system (868.4 MHz or 915 MHz) are largely impervious to external interferences and allow transmission even in a rough industrial environment. When using the antenna wall holder with the 3 m cable for the receiver then the maximum open air range is 300 m. The stainless steel protection tube with the Pt1000 temperature sensor according to DIN EN 60751, class A in a three-wire circuit is available with a flat, oblique, or centered probe tip. The insertion length extends from 30 to 10000 mm. Variants are available with an extension tube or an M12 × 1 plug connection to connect Pt1000 RTD temperature probes.
The Wtrans transmitter is also available as a version with ATEX approval (basic types 902930/15, .../17, .../55). These devices can be installed directly in potentially explosive areas up to zone 0. The receiver is installed outside the Ex zone. The radio data transmission from the Ex area avoids costly cable installations with protection barriers or supply isolators.
The design type of the JUMO RTD temperature probes must be agreed when placing the order. The Ex variant with M12 connector is always delivered with an approved JUMO RTD temperature probe with PTFE connecting cable. Devices with process connections can be ordered in versions with Ex zone separation.
A setup program is available as an accessory for easy configuration and parameterization of the Wtrans measuring system on the PC. The OnlineChart function can be used optionally to record the measured values on a PC.

Take a look how easily the JUMO Wtrans system can be configured.


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Setup-Program Wtrans

Download  216.exe (30 days Test Version)  (78.0 MB)

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Setup program Wtrans inkl OnlineChart

Download  216.exe (30 days Test Version)  (78.0 MB)

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