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Push-in RTD Temperature Probe with Connecting Cable (902150)


  • For temperatures from -50 to +400 °C
  • As single or double RTD temperature probe
  • In 2-wire circuit, 3-wire circuit, or 4-wire circuit
  • Connecting cable PVC, silicone, PTFE, metal braiding


  • Among others, the application areas are in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, in the construction of heating systems/furnaces/equipment, and in laboratory technology


Push-in RTD temperature probes are the preferred choice for measuring temperature in liquids and gasses.
Depending on the version, the connecting cables are suitable for dry or humid rooms with a temperature range between -50 to +400 °C. The connecting cable transition points are strain-relieved. An anti-kink protection is available as an option.
A Pt100 temperature sensor according to DIN EN 60751, class B in two-wire circuit is used as a measuring insert by default − versions with Pt500 or Pt1000 are also possible. The connection is also available in three-wire and four-wire circuits.