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Terminal Heads (909715)


  • For thermocouples and RTD temperature probes
  • Terminal heads made from various materials
  • Protection type IP54 and IP65
  • Sealable versions


Terminal heads
DIN EN 50446 provides a definition of terminal head design types A and B which differ in size and also slightly in their shape. For the terminal heads, the nominal diameter of the hole for inserting the protection tube is as follows:
For type A: 22 mm or 32 mm; for type B: 15 mm or thread M 24 × 1.5.
Aluminum or plastic is used according to the particular application. Terminal head type B according to DIN is more widespread. Further design types J, JK, BBK, and BUZ have been derived from the DIN designs for specific applications. These design types (except JK) are suitable for installation in a 2-wire transmitter. The JK design type is equipped with terminal clamps (in this case no additional connection socket is required).

Connection sockets (909717)
Corresponding connection sockets with two, four, or six connections are available for the various terminal heads.

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